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[Apr 19, 2024] How many deals your team submitted in Finmo? 👀
[Apr 19, 2024] How many deals your team submitted in Finmo? 👀
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Product releases

📊 More insights into your Funded deals (team admins)
You can now filter deals based on whether or not they have been “Submitted in Finmo”. In March, we upgraded the Funded deals report to display any deals with a “Funded” status, even if they were submitted outside of Finmo. Our team took this work one step further and added a new column to identify if deals were submitted in Finmo or externally. Learn more on what you can report on →

➡️ Prospr referral status column
You might have noticed a new “Prospr referral status” column in the Deals table. This column was created to help users on the Prospr referral program track the status of their insurance referrals. If Prospr is not enabled for your team, you'll see a "Not sent" and won't be able to make a referral. Need instructions on how to manage your table view and columns visibility? Check out this help article →

📞 If you don't refer clients to Prospr, but are curious to learn more, book a discovery call with us.

⚙️ Enhancements and bug fixes

  • Language in the QC Disclosure to Borrower form was updated for additional clarity and accuracy in both English and French.

  • A visual update was made to the Utility bar (top bar inside a deal) to prevent it from taking up too much vertical space in the most commonly used screen sizes.

  • An [ORG] badge was created in the “Team members” table under “Settings” to help distinguish between organization-level members and other team members.

  • Empty credit reports are no longer triggering a “missing report” error that prevented users from submitting deals.

  • The “Invite expired” indicator on the “User account details” will now disappear when resending the invite to the borrower.

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