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How to configure or edit your "Team settings"
How to configure or edit your "Team settings"

Edit your teams profile in the general settings: logo, icon, team name, website, address and more.

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Only Team Admins have permission to edit Team Settings.  If you are a "limited team member" you will have to ask the assigned "team admins" to make any changes to the team profile.

If you are a Team Admin, you'll see a "gear icon" in the left navigation, click the "gear icon" then on the top menu choose "Team settings" and then "Team profile".

In the "Team Profile" you can edit the following items: 

  • Team icon

  • Team logo

  • Team name

  • Team contact information

  • The Team Application Link is a field that can only be edited by contacting support. This link will be shared with borrowers and added to your website to start collecting applications.

Where does my team logo appear?

The logo will appear on your borrowers' application page and in the lead generation calculators.

What size logo can I use?

We restrict the size to 800 x 160, if you upload a logo bigger than these dimensions, we scale it proportionally.

What is the "Team icon"?
The "team icon" is the placeholder on a folder in your borrower's web browser

If for any reason you require help click the chat icon on your screen or send us an email

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