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How to upload a borrower's documents manually
How to upload a borrower's documents manually

If you receive mortgage documentation in person, or through e-mail, you can upload it to a borrower's application for them.

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Even if a borrower goes outside the portal and emails you a document, Finmo will help you keep all the documents organized and in one place.  

How to upload documents into Finmo a borrower sends you via email

  1. Navigate into the desired deal

  2. Click Documents in the deal navigation

  3. If it's a document you haven't already requested, select Broker Upload. Choose the document you're uploading, and choose the borrower who sent it. Click upload & approve to store the document correctly in the deal. If you already requested the document, click the document request from the borrower's requested documents.

  4. Drag and drop the correct file. 

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