Sometimes you may want to use Finmo JUST for document collection. You may already have a file on them in Expert and don't need to have them enter an Application in Finmo. 

How to collect only the documents for a deal

  1. Add a new deal for the borrower in Finmo

  2. Skip the "invite now" and choose to work on the deal

  3. Add the borrowers to the application who you will be requesting documents from (we only allow you to collect documents from borrowers on the mortgage application). 

  4. Take control of the application using the toggle (this will ensure the borrower won't start editing it)

  5. Request the documents required

  6. Click Invite the borrower and include a custom message similar to this:

Please login to your secure portal to review the documentation area. You will find the list of documents we need - you can upload your documents right from within the portal using your desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Thank you for your continuing to trust me with your mortgage financing,

Read more information on how to request documents.

If for any reason you require help click the chat icon on your screen or send us an email

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