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How does Finmo use data?
How does Finmo use data?

How Finmo uses anonymous data collected from users

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  • Finmo has no interest in contacting clients added to Finmo.

  • Finmo will never sell personal client contact information.

  • Finmo is a solution for mortgage businesses and professionals who may be concerned about client personal information ownership.

  • Finmo is attempting to become the most trusted online platform for a mortgage professional to offer an online experience to their clients.

  • Finmo will use aggregate non-personalized data to enhance and improve the borrower mortgage experience in Canada*

*Examples of how we use anonymized data:
โ€‹What application question takes the longest for borrowers to answer - how can we speed this up?

Which document is most commonly requested when the application answers include a borrower that's self-employed, and how can we predict these documents for you?

Which documents take the longest to upload, and can we help the borrower get this document from an easy source, or provide an API to get the document for them (and you).

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