The difficulty in getting Credit Consent or Service Agreements from Borrowers is a thing of the past with Finmo.

Digital consent is a requirement from each of your borrowers before they can submit their online application to you.  Once the consent box has been checked, we generate a PDF for you for that deal. Digital signatures and a time and date stamp will be applied to this document once the client has agreed.

We have a template already written for you in Finmo, but we strongly suggest using the terminology from your own Client Consent or Service Agreement which you can customize to suit your compliance specifications. 

*Please note you must be a team administrator to have access to "Team Profile" in order to turn on the consent pdf or to add your own consent text.

  1. Click Team Settings (gear icon on your home screen)

  2. Select "Deal" on the left menu

  3. Scroll down to "Client Consent" and move the toggle to "Yes" to activate in the "Create client consent PDF" section

  4. Use the templated version. If you have your own consent agreement highlight the text, delete and paste in your own text.

  5. Select a Countersigner for all agreements (only one per account)

  6. Enter your operating name

  7. Click Save Agreement

What the Borrower sees

At the end of the online Application, the Consent/Service Agreement will appear with a checkbox giving digital consent. A Borrower cannot submit an Application without checking this field.

How to view and download the consent from the borrower

When the consent has been checked and the Application submitted, you will receive an email.   

On the deal dashboard you can see if the consent has been received.

How to download the Client Consent Agreement

If you would like to download the Agreement with a digital signature go to the "Credit and liabilities" section of the app and click on "Consent PDF".

The Consent PDF will display the following and include digital signatures:

What if you have a deal where you added a borrower after consent was given, or you had not yet turned on the custom consent PDF?

Should you have a deal you want to have a downloadable consent pdf for it is possible to get a new consent and then download the PDF. Please note that the date will change to the new date and time consent was given a second time. To do this: Give control back to the borrower by moving the toggle in the "Overview" section.

Then click on "Update borrower"

Type a message to your client, advising them to go to the "review" section of their application and to check off client consent again and submit and send. They will receive an email notification .

This is what your borrower will see:

Once the application has been submitted, you will receive a notification and see the consent status on your dashboard has changed to "Completed". You can then go to the "Credit and liabilities" section of the app and click on "Consent PDF" to download it.

Should you require help click the chat icon on your screen or send us an email :)

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