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How to customize consent or service agreements
How to customize consent or service agreements

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Getting credit consent or service agreements from borrowers is easy with Finmo.

Digital consent is a requirement from each of your borrowers before they can submit their online application to you. Once the consent box has been checked, we generate a PDF with digital signatures and a timestamp.

πŸ’‘ Tip: We have a template already written for you in Finmo but we strongly suggest using the terminology from your own Client Consent or Service Agreement which you can customize to suit your compliance specifications.

How to set up a consent document

Note: you must be a team administrator to have access to "Team Settings" to add your own consent text.

1. Click Team Settings (gear icon on your home screen)

2. Select "Deal" on the left menu and then "Client consent"

3. The consent template is pre-populated.

4. If you have your own consent agreement highlight the text, delete and paste in your own text in the "Agreement text" section.

Optional: Label your consent agreement by giving it a version name. Use this field to keep track of different versions of the consent agreement document. This is an internal value and will not be shown on the document itself. When a borrower signs the agreement the version they signed will be stored and can be accessed via Finmo API.

5. Enter your legal operating name

6. Select a countersigner for the agreement

7. Click Save Agreement.


How do I add the agent on the deal as a countersigner?

1. Click Team Settings (gear icon on your home screen)

2. Select "Deal" on the left menu

3. Scroll down to "Client Consent"

4. In the "Countersigner on document" section you can choose whose name and signature will appear besides the borrower's in the document from the dropdown menu of team members.

πŸ’‘ Tip: If you select "Main agent on the deal" that person's name will be shown on the Consent Agreement. If you select "One countersigner for all deals" a dropdown menu will appear with the names of your team members and you can select the person you want to be shown on the Consent Agreement (such as your brokerage owner).

5. Click on "Save Agreement"

Where do I find the consent document?

The consent document can be downloaded in the "Credit & Liabilities" section in the application .

Below is an example of the Credit Consent Agreement

Additional Resources

To learn more about the borrower experience, re-requesting consent from multiple borrowers, and getting consent from clients not on on Finmo, check out this help article.

Should you require help click the chat icon on your screen or send us an email :)

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