Once you become familiar with how to use Smart Document suggestions, and customized them to fit your requirements, you'll quickly realize there's no reason these suggested documents shouldn't be automatically requested. 

Automatically requesting documents from the borrower allows you to get a fully completed application and documents without having to do anything. 

How to set up Smart Documents automation in less than 30 seconds

  1. Visit your Team Settings.
  2. Hover over Documents from the top navigation menu
  3. Select Smart Docs from the submenu that appears
  4. Select the Yes button if you'd like to automatically request suggested documents after a borrower completes their application.

What will my borrower see when they submit the application and automatic requests are turned on? 

Immediately after the submission, the borrower will be redirected to the document upload screen in the portal with a list of documents to be uploaded.

They will also receive an email confirming the completion of their application, and a button to start uploading documents. 

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