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How to review document uploads and mark them with the correct status
How to review document uploads and mark them with the correct status

This article shows you how to mark document requests as "approved", or "needs attention" for documents that are incorrect or illegible.

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How to review an upload and mark a document request as "approved" or "needs attention"

  1. When you see the document status "For your review," it means one or more uploads have been uploaded by the borrower.

  2. Click the document request with the uploads, then click the name of the file to review them. Make sure you have your pop up blocker turned off. 

  3. Once you've reviewed the file, click "Approved" or "Needs Attention."

  4. If you mark a file as "Needs Attention," let the borrower know what was wrong with the image for them to try again.

  5. If you've made a change to the document requests (such as marked one as "Needs Attention") make sure to click "Update Borrower" so the borrower knows there's been a change.  

*Make sure you have your pop up blocker turned off.

Understanding document statuses in Finmo

In the "Documents" menu you will see the documents that have been marked: 

  • Requested - documents you've asked the borrower for, they will show up in the borrower's portal as a document request they need to upload. 

  • For your review - document requests with file uploads from the borrower for you to review and decide if they satisfy the document request 

  • Needs attention - document requests you marked as needing extra attention (ie. the wrong document was uploaded or it was blurry). When the borrower logs in, they will be able to see this status, along with the message you added for why it needs attention.

  • Approved - document requests you've marked as approved. Clicking Download PDFs will download the files in the Approved document request (but not any hidden files).

Should you need help, please contact us by clicking the chat bubble in app or email

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