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How to pay your monthly Legacy Finmo Pro subscription
How to pay your monthly Legacy Finmo Pro subscription

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You will need to enter a credit card in Finmo for you monthly subscription fee and for any extra charges such as bank pulls and NOA's.

* If you don't see the billing tab that means you are a "limited team member" and you will need to contact your team administrator. Only administrators have the ability to enter a credit card or cancel.

Enter your billing information

  1.  Click the "gear" icon on the Finmo dashboard to go to your "Team Settings"

  2.  On the left menu select "Billing".

  3.  Scroll down to "Payment Method

  4. Click on "Add a card"" 

  5.  Enter your credit card billing and billing information and click on "Save".

Please note that this card will be stored in our billing system and will be automatically charged every month unless the subscription is cancelled.  

Should you wish to cancel your subscription, please contact support via the chat bubble or by email

*Subscriptions cancelled within a billed month will not be credited back.  You will have access to Finmo Legacy for the remainder of that billing period but your card will not be charged the following month.

Any communication about your billing will be emailed to your "Billing email" address.

Should you have any questions about billing please click the chat bubble or email us at

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