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How to set a due date and automatic reminders for documents
How to set a due date and automatic reminders for documents

You can set a due date for document collection and automatically send out outstanding document reminders to borrowers.

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Save time with Finmo by automatically reminding borrowers to submit their outstanding documentation!
Here's how:

First, set a due date.

1. Inside any deal, navigate to the documents tab and click "Set due date & reminders"

2. Set the due date by clicking on the "Due date" field and selecting a day.

3. After the due date is selected, click "Set due date".

A due date for this deal's documents requests has now been set!

Secondly, set up automatic reminders.

1. Turn the "Automatic reminders" toggle to on.

2. Select the frequency of which the reminders will be sent to the borrower.

3. Click "Set reminders".

4. The dates the reminders will be sent out will be shown.

Automatic borrower documentation reminders are now set! The borrower will now be e-mailed with up to three reminders to submit outstanding documentation.

Below is an example of an automatic reminder.

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