Finmo's borrower application is now also available in french. We detect the preferred browser language and show french if it's detected, or borrowers can change it manually in the borrower portal to their preferred language (english or french). Mortgage professionals can see the preferred language of a borrower in the user details on an application "Borrower language preference".

The Finmo platform for mortgage professionals is only available in english.  

Here's how to help your borrowers change the language preference manually within the borrower's portal.  

The borrower will then receive any email notifications from Finmo in french.
Please note:  If you have auto docs turned on, any documents requested would be in english as a default.  You can however customize your document requests in Finmo if you wish to re-name them.   Click below to learn how to do that.  

You can also then customize your Smart Docs Menu to auto-request those custom documents instead.

To change the language back again in the application, click on the top right menu to select the language.

Should you have any questions please click on the chat box in Finmo or email us at

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