You will need two things to pull credit in Finmo:

  1. Your member code and security code
  2. Permission from your member code owner (likely a brokerage owner) to pull credit in Finmo. This step is handled outside of Finmo. Feel free to use this Client Authorization (Service Provider) agreement to get proper permission. Finmo is not responsible if a broker uses the member code without permission in Finmo.

How to find your Equifax Member code

You can find this number on your Equifax invoice if you receive one, or you may have to contact your brokerage to get that code. Your Equifax member code is the "Customer Number" on your invoice. You will also need whatever security code you or your brokerage was assigned by Equifax.

What if I don't know my Equifax Member Code or Security Code?

If you don't know your Member or Security Code you will have to contact Equifax, however they generally will not give this information over the phone and will request an email.

Send an email to

Below is a sample email you can use as a template

You will get a reply email from Equifax (it may take a few days) giving you your Member Code. They will call you to advise of your Security Code or leave you a voicemail.

Where do I put in the Equifax Member Code and the Equifax Security Code in Finmo?

  1. Click the gear icon in Finmo.
  2. Select "Integrations"
  3. Scroll down to "Equifax"
  4. Enter your Equifax Member Code and the Equifax Security Code in the appropriate boxes and save changes.

If you intend to submit a deal to a lender after pushing to Expert, we strongly recommend you pull credit within Expert not in Finmo.

The credit pull that you obtain in Finmo will not move into Expert when you push the deal, and you would have to pull credit again and pay a second time for the same credit pull.

I am submitting to a lender from Finmo, how do I pull credit within Finmo?

If you are submitting directly to one of our lenders within Finmo , you should pull credit right from the platform.

  1. Click on the Application in Finmo.
  2. Scroll down to the "Liabilities" section of the application or Select "Liabilities" in the Quick links menu

Select the borrower(s) you'd like to pull credit for. Click "Yes I understand" that Filogix does not accept credit bureaus to proceed.

The credit bureau will now appear in the "Liabilities" section.

If you submit a deal without pulling a credit bureau first, and the lender needs to see this, you must:

  1. Go back into your application
  2. Go to the Liabilities section and Pull credit
  3. Go to the Submit tab and start a brand new Submission with the lender.

Note: You cannot update your previous submission with the credit bureau at this time.

How to view the credit bureau report

  1. Click on "View credit bureau".
  2. A new window will open which allows you to view the document.

If you are submitting the deal directly to a lender in Finmo, this is what they will see on their end.

Should you have any questions please click the chat button or email for help.

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