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Common errors or issues when submitting a deal to a Lender or Expert in Submit
Common errors or issues when submitting a deal to a Lender or Expert in Submit

Submission Failure, Validation errors and other common errors why your deal isn't pushing to Filogix's Expert

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Submission is Successful but the deal is not showing up in Expert

To push deals to Expert, you must have your Expert Firm Code and User ID entered.

If these are correct and your deal is showing in Finmo that it successfully pushed to Expert but is not showing up in Expert, this could mean that there is a delay on Expert's end, or your firm code may not be connected with Finmo.

If you have pushed deals successfully to Expert from Finmo before, try performing a search in Expert. If still no success please contact Filogix at Toll-free: 1.800.732.5638 (Mon - Fri: 8.00 am to 8.00 pm EST and Sat: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm EST) to report your issue.

Only contact Finmo at if you haven't pushed a deal to Expert before, and it's showing as submitted, but you cannot find it when you perform a search in Expert. In this case, your Expert Firm Code may not be connected to Finmo, and we will require permission from your Brokerage owner.

For the interim, you will need to enter your application into Expert manually.

Submission Failure to Expert

Check the Error or Validation with a red x that is coming up and make your adjustments.

If it doesn't specify the error (see example below)

Check to see if your application has a foreign address. An address outside of Canada or the US is not accepted by Filogic Expert. You can enter a temporary Country, Canadian Province, and Postal Code to get the deal to submit.

Check to see if there are characters or wording that shouldn't be on the application (see examples below)

If you have checked through the application and can’t find what might be restricting the push to Expert, click the chat button or email to have us investigate.

Validation Errors

A Validation Error on the Submission page is letting you know there are issues before you submit your deal.

Validation errors with a red X are required to be fixed in order to submit and errors with a purple exclamation mark (!) are recommended but can still be submitted.

Click on the blue pencil icon beside the validation error and that will take you to the area that needs to be corrected.

For more help, please click the chat button or email

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