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A how-to guide on Deal Overview
A how-to guide on Deal Overview

Stay up to date with all the developments on your deal.

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The Deal Overview page will allow you and your team members to stay up to date with all the developments on your deal. It will also be the tab that you land on when you click a deal number in the Deals section of Finmo.

Co-Broker Deal

If your deal requires a co-broker to help you access other lenders, because the deal is out of Province, or you can’t satisfy all top lenders volume requirements. Finmo allows you to invite another mortgage professional to co-broker a deal within the platform. For how-to steps, click here.

Please note: The co-broker must either already have a Finmo account or create a Finmo account in order to proceed with the deal (either basic or Pro).

Copy Deal

Bring information from a previous client's application into a new one when they are looking to purchase again, renew or refinance.

For a step by step guide, please click here.


This will show you the status of a deal and how it's progressing

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed will allow you to stay up to date with all of the developments and actions that have occurred. It will list updates such as messages and documents updates that were sent to the borrower(s) and by whom on your team made the request, when a borrower was invited to an application when an application was submitted if changes were made, who created deal, etc.

Deal Details

This page will display the Deal Number assigned by Finmo, The start date, borrowing goals, and who is on your team is working on or have been assigned to the deal. If you are pushing a deal to Expert, you can manually enter the Expert ID on this screen and add or remove team members who are working on the deal.

On the Overview screen, you can also Update Borrower if there is a message that you want to share with them. This will give them a fresh link to log into their portal. You can grant the borrower(s) access back to their application if they need to make changes or revoke access. You can download and review the Consent PDF if the application was submitted and you have Consent PDF activated in your Team Settings. You can click Validation to see if there is anything that you need to complete before submitting to a lender in Finmo or to Expert, View the GDS/TDS Calculator, and Add Notes on the deal which will save in the Activity Feed.

Should you require more help please click the chat bubble or email

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