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How to obtain an MPP form

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Here's how to have Finmo help you and your borrowers, fill out and sign the MPP form.

The first step is to make sure your team admin has turned on MPP in the integrations section on finmo (if that's not you)

Once that is done, the MPP option will appear in compliance

Please note, in order to generate an MPP form in finmo you must be set up with Manulife.

Generating an MPP Form

  1. When in the deal, got to the "Compliance" section

  2. Select "MPP"

  3. Choose the "agent"

  4. Click on "Generate"

MPP will send you an indemnification certificate once the client finishes it. You will get notified if the client hasn't completed it.

If you have a manually created MPP form you can also upload it into this section.

NOTE: If you see the message below when trying to generate the form in Finmo please go to to get set up.

There is a short delay to get MPP to turn the broker on but feel free to reach out to MPP directly to speed that process up.

Call 1-866-677-4677 Ext 1
Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST

Should you have any questions please click on the chat bubble in Finmo for help or send an email to :)

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