Finmo provides access to broker owners / brokerage managers or compliance managers to their brokers Finmo accounts through the Control Centre. In order to obtain access to the Control Centre on Finmo you must be set up and invited by us. Please reach out to your Account Executive to discuss next steps.

How to log into the Control Centre

If you have been designated as an "Organization administrator" or an "Organization member", upon logging in to Finmo you will see a globe icon on the bottom left of your screen.

Clicking on that globe icon will take you into your Control Centre where you will have the ability to see team/s assigned to you and their deals. Simply click on "Teams" select the team you wish to look at and click on that team's name. You will be taken into that team's dashboard and will be able to view their deals.

If you have been designated as an "Organization administrator" from the Control Centre dashboard you can do things like add teams to your brokerage, create and assign permissions and roles to users such as compliance managers or managers, add in Equifax details for the entire brokerage and create submission agents, which will appear as options for all of the teams under your brokerage.

To view the teams you have access to, simply click on "Teams" from the left menu when in the Control Centre.

Click the team name to view deals or team settings for that particular team (if you have been granted admin access) or you can click on the handshake icon, to display all of the deals assigned to you or that you have permission to view.

Setting up your Control centre (Organization Administrator's only)

Please Note: Your initial set up and team linking will be done and linked for you . However you do have the ability to invite a new team team to join Finmo and those will be linked to the Control Centre.

How to add a new team

From the control centre you are able to add new teams as well as delete teams or change teams listed under your brokerage if you have been designated as an "Organization admin".

Click on "Teams" on the left menu and a list of the teams on your brokerage will appear on the right. To add a new team, just click on "New Team"

Enter the information as prompted. The new team will now appear on your dashboard.

Now that the team has been created, you can go in to that team by clicking that team under the "Team name" column and start inviting team members.

Read more about how to invite a team member.

How to add Equifax details

If one Equifax account is used for all teams linked on your "Control Centre", the member code and security code can be entered at the Control Centre level to maintain limited access to that data. This is the code that will be used to pull credit for all teams and this is the code that will be billed by Equifax. Click on "Integrations" then select "Equifax" and enter the member and security codes and click on "Save changes".

Once entered - accounts linked to the Control Centre will see a notification advising them that there is no need to update this field unless they do indeed use a different Equifax account .

How to add Submission Agents

The brokerages list of submission agents can also be entered at the control centre level. Click on "Submission agents" on the left menu to access and enter".

Adding the list of submission agents at the Control Centre level is beneficial in a few ways;

  • it will enable to system to automatically show these names in the team accounts linked to the brokerage.

  • the submission agents full details are not displayed in the team accounts - just their names show.

  • it saves brokers time trying to find out all the submission agents information to add this themselves to their own accounts.

Click on "Add submission agent" and a pop up will appear. You will need to have the following information:

Once you've filled out those fields click on "Add new submission agent" and that person's name will appear in all team's drop down menu of choices as a "Submission agent".

How to set access controls and designate other organization members

Organization members can be added from the current Finmo users linked to the Control Centre or non-Finmo users who can be invited to join. Click on "Organization members" on the left menu. Here you can see a list of your "Organization members" and the power given to them.

How to add an "Organization member"

If you'd like to invite a new "Organization member" click on "Invite new member" and a pop up will appear asking for their name and email.

A pop up will appear whereby you can choose to select a member of the brokerage by email in the dropdown menu or add a new email and invite a new user.

Once the pop up appears and you have added the new org member's name and email you will be asked questions in order to establish what type of access that person is to have in the Control centre,

Note: The default answer is set to "No". If you'd like to change that simply move the toggle to "yes". For example the first question is "Are they a compliance manager?"

How to designate an organization member as a "Compliance manager"

Compliance managers can review deals assigned to them and mark them as "compliant" or "not compliant".

Set the toggle to "Yes" or "No" depending on if that person you are inviting is a "Compliance manager".

What is the difference between an"Organization admin" and an "Organization member"?

Organization Administrator: An Organization admin can control organization settings such as updating brokerage info, managing teams and organization members, adding submission agents, equifax codes and controlling brokerage integrations. They have the ability to make changes to the information entered in the Control Centre and the ability to invite other "Organization members".

To grant this type of access move the toggle to "Yes" .

Organization Member: An Organization member who is not made an "Organization admin" will have access only to the teams information they have been set up to see and cannot change Organization information on the Control Centre such as Equifax codes, submission agents etc. If this is the type of access you'd like to grant the person you're inviting, leave the toggle setting at "No"

Please Note: An "Organization administrator" is also an "Organization member" but with administrative powers within the "Control centre".

How to select which teams the Organization Member will have access to and their role on that team

Start by selecting the teams. You have the choice of granting access to all teams linked on the Control Centre or selecting specific teams only from the drop down menu.

If the person you are inviting requires access to only one team or not all teams, instead of selecting "all teams" check off "Selected teams". Select the team(s) from the dropdown menu.

Choose their "role" on that team (team administrator, team member or limited team member"

What are the various "roles" on a team?

Team admin
- Can edit team settings and deal settings
- Can edit all team deals
- Can edit deals assigned to them

Team member
- Can edit all team deals
- Can edit deals assigned to them

Limited team member
- Can edit deals assigned to them

Please note: Any of the roles above will have the ability to be added to specific deals by other team members and will appear in the dropdown menu as "Agent on the deal" when being submitted to a lender.

If you wish to add more than one team select each team individually, choose the role and click on "Save changes".

You can edit or delete a team at any team by clicking on the pencil or garbage can icon should you wish.

How to select the "Organization member's" default team

Some Organization members such as broker owners or compliance managers, don't have a default team on Finmo (ie: a team they are working active deals on) and may not need to have a designated default team. In that case, enter nothing in this field.

However, should that person have a main team they work from you can select it from the drop down.

Please note that team must be listed in the teams they have been granted access to to appear in the dropdown menu.

When a default team is chosen, that is the dashboard that will display when logging into Finmo.

Once these sections have been completed now you can click on the "Invite member" button and that person will receive an email invitation advising them that they have been invited to join as an "organization member" on Finmo and will have access to the Control Centre once they have accepted.

How to access team's deals

If you have been designated as an "organization admin" or "organization member" and have permission to view deals on teams within your brokerage, you can access those deals.

If you wish to view a specific teams deals:

To access the Control Centre, click the "globe" icon on the bottom left of the screen then select "Teams" from the left menu and choose the team you want to view. Finally, select the "handshake" icon on the left menu to view their deals.

If you wish to view all deals assigned to all teams you have access to:

To access the control centre, click the globe icon on the bottom left of the screen select "Brokerages" from the left menu. Click on the Brokerage name, then choose the "handshake" icon on the left menu to view all of the deals for all teams you have visibility of.

How to access brokerage performance and analytics on the Control Centre (organization admins only)

Click below for more information:

Please reach out to or click on the chat bubble should you have any questions regarding the Control Centre.

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