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What are "smart submission notes", how to generate and FAQ's
What are "smart submission notes", how to generate and FAQ's

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Smart submission notes reimagines the way you package notes for your lender. We took feedback from leading underwriters and brokers to create the most effective template for lender submission notes. When you generate smart submission notes, it will populate all of the relevant application data into the submission notes with one click. Once these notes are generated, you have the ability to go in and edit them as you wish.

How to generate smart submission notes

  1. Open the submission to the lender in the deal you wish to work on.

  2. When you're ready, scroll down to the "Notes for the lender" section and click on "Generate submission notes".

3. Once the data is generated, you can go in and edit or make any further notes you wish to send. Just scroll to the bottom of the "Notes for the lender" section and click on "Edit".

4. Type in your edits and comments and click on "Save changes".

*Please note: Any changes made in the application after the smart submission notes have been generated will not be automatically updated. You must regenerate the notes to reflect those changes. Any previous edits you made to the generated notes will also no longer appear.

How to re-generate smart submission notes

If you have made any changes to the original application since generating the smart submission notes, you must re-generate the notes for those changes to appear. Any previous additions or edits you made will also no longer be there.

Simply go to the "Notes for the lender" section, and click on the "Re-generate submission notes".

You can also choose to re-generate if you wish to restore the submission notes to what was displayed before editing.

Should you have any questions please click on the chat bubble or email

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