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How to request CRA Tax document packages from snapNOA,
How to request CRA Tax document packages from snapNOA,

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Finmo allows you to obtain your borrower’s NOAs and other tax documents directly from CRA by creating a Tax Package request through snapNOA.

To begin, your team administrator will have to enable the CRA Tax document package on Finmo.

How to enable CRA tax document requests - team admins only

  1. Click the "gear" icon to access settings. Please note you must have admin access on Finmo to do this.

  2. Select "Documents" then

  3. "CRA Tax document Package" on the left menu

  4. Switch the toggle from "No" to "Yes" in the "Enable CRA Tax document package requests" section

  5. Click "Save"

How it works

When a member of your team orders the CRA Tax Document Package on Finmo, SnapNOA will automatically send out a request to the borrower asking them to authorize them to access their tax documents from CRA.

What documents are included in the package?

You will receive the two most recent years of the following:

How to request CRA tax documents using snapNOA

1. Click the deal you would like to request tax documents for.

2. Choose "Documents"

3. Then click on "New Request"

4. Check off the circle beside "CRA Tax document package"

5. Select the documents you'd like to request

6. Select the borrowers you'd like to request documents for.

7. Finally click on "Create request"

An email will be generated and sent to your borrower(s), snapNOA and to the mortgage professional who made the request. Below is an example of the email sent to your client which gives them instructions on how to complete the authorization.

The first step provides instructions on how your client is to authorize snapNOA as a Representative

A link is provided to the Revenue Canada website where they will need to complete the above steps.

Once that has been completed, the next step is to sign the authorization form.

Your borrowers are provided a link which takes them directly to the SnapNOA portal where they will check off completion of Step One.

Once they check off Step One, they can sign the authorization form and submit.

Click below to watch a video

Once the client signs back the authorization, snapNOA will retrieve the documents and email a receipt to the broker or team member. The documents when ready will auto-populate into your Finmo document section.


When a broker on your team orders the CRA Tax Document Package, the credit card on your Finmo account will be charged $20 per order.

In the "Billing" section of your account, you will be able to see a full report of the CRA Tax Document Package usage by your team.

Please note you must have a credit card entered in Finmo . If your team does not have a credit card entered you will see this message. Click on "Go to billing page" to enter a credit card.


For questions about the CRA Tax Document Package feature or billing, please visit click on the chat button. If you have a question about the status of your CRA Tax Document Package order, please email

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