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How to choose an alternate firm code to submit a deal to a lender
How to choose an alternate firm code to submit a deal to a lender

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In some cases it may be necessary for a broker to submit deals using a different firm code than the one normally used by their brokerage and entered into the team settings in Finmo. This is because their brokerage or network may have special agreements with some lenders so an additional special firm code is needed and must be used to submit deals to those specific lenders.

Finmo allows you to have multiple firm codes for submission purposes but it must be set-up by our team. Please reach out via the chat bubble if this is something you need added to your team's Finmo account.

Once enabled, you can choose which firm code the deal is submitted under. You can do this either by creating a new deal with that "special" firm code or by copying a deal later and assigning that "special" firm code to the copied deal you want to submit to one of the lenders who have an agreement with your brokerage/network.

New deal

Copied deal

See below for specific instructions for each scenario.

I know the lender I need to submit to and they require the "special" firm code

If you know the lender you want to submit to and they require you to use that "special" firm code you can start your new deal using that firm code right from the beginning.

To do that simply click on "+ New deal" as usual. Then fill out the "Agent on the deal "and any additional team members working on it.

Now using the drop down menu in the "Firm code used on this deal" select the firm code you wish to be assigned to the deal .

*Note this is the firm code your deal will be submitted under).

One that has been done, the new deal will appear on your deal dashboard with that firm code and will submit using that firm code.

I started a deal with my usual firm code but now I want to submit to a lender that requires the "special" firm code

Simply go into the original deal and select "Copy deal from the "Overview" section.

Then select everything you wish to copy over.

Scroll down until you see "Firm code used on new deal" and select the alternate firm code from the drop down menu.

Click on "Create copied deal.

The new deal will be assigned the alternate firm code and you will see it on your deal dashboard.

You can choose to archive the original deal if you wish.

Should you have any questions, please click on the chat bubble and we would be happy to help.

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