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How to obtain an E-Signing Certificate
How to obtain an E-Signing Certificate

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For every signed transaction, OneSpan captures an extensive Evidence Summary and Audit Trail. The Evidence Summary can be downloaded and viewed any time and can be provided to a lender if they request it . The evidence summary report captures all of the actions taken throughout the signing process. Once you have obtained your borrower's signatures you can download this report on Finmo.

How to download the Evidence Summary Report

Go to the "E-signing" section of the application.

After your client's have completed the signing package in their deal you have the option to download documents and/or download the e-signing summary.

Click on "Download e-signing summary".

NOTE: If the summary doesn't open automatically in your chosen document viewer, you can find it in your "downloads" folder.

Example of an E-signing Summary

The report details who signed, in what order, when and where. This can be sent to the lender should they request it.

Should you have any questions, please click on the chat bubble in Finmo.

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