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How do I check the status of a referral sent to Sun Life (Prospr)?
How do I check the status of a referral sent to Sun Life (Prospr)?


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Once you have sent an insurance referral you can keep track of the status of your referrals by checking the "Prospr referral status" column in Finmo. The status will be auto-updated as your borrower(s) progress in their journey discussing insurance with Sun Life.

Don't have Prospr enabled? Learn more about the Lendesk for Prospr program.

How to view the Prospr referral status

1. Click the handshake icon on the left menu to access your deal dashboard.

2. Scroll over to the "Prospr referral status" column

πŸ’‘Tip: Make sure you are using the expanded view of the dashboard to be able to view the "Prospr referral status" column. You can also filter on that column to see only deals you've referred.

Prospr referral status definitions

  • Not sent
    The referral has not been sent via Finmo
    ​Take action: Refer your client from the Compliance page. Learn how

  • Outreach in progress
    A Prospr advisor is in the process of contacting the borrower
    ​Take action: Use this link to get your clients to book in directly with Prospr at a time that suits them.

  • Borrower not reachable
    Prospr tried multiple times to get in contact with your client, but was unable to
    ​Take action: Click "Send Reminder" to send a pre-written email to your clients with all the info they need to connect with Prospr. Learn how

  • Offer in progress
    Prospr is assessing the borrower's insurance needs and goals

  • Not moving forward
    Prospr or the borrower have decided not to move forward with the policy

  • Policy placed
    The borrower has moved forward with the sale and the policy has been placed. Your referral bonus payment will be processed the next calendar month.

Note: Prospr referral statuses are updated on a daily basis from information sent directly from Sun Life into Finmo

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