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How to send a reminder to borrower(s) if Prospr referral is in "Borrower not reachable" status
How to send a reminder to borrower(s) if Prospr referral is in "Borrower not reachable" status

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Once you have sent an insurance referral you can keep track of the status of your referrals by checking the "Prospr referral status" column in Finmo. The status will be auto-updated as your borrower(s) progress in their journey discussing insurance with Sun Life.

Don't have Prospr enabled? Learn more about the Lendesk for Prospr program.

There are several Prospr referral statuses: Not sent, Outreach in progress, Borrower not reachable, Offer in progress, Not moving forward and Policy placed. To read more and find out their definitions check out this article:

If your referral has a status showing "Borrower not reachable" read on to learn how to send a reminder.

How to send a reminder

1. Click the handshake icon on the left menu to access your deal dashboard.

2. Scroll over to the "Prospr referral status" column

3. Under the status "Borrower not reachable" you will see a link to "Send reminder", click the link.

💡Tip: Make sure you are using the expanded view of the dashboard to be able to view the "Prospr referral status" column. You can also filter on that column to see only deals you've referred.

4. A pop up will open. You have the ability to see a preview of the reminder email and the option to also send the reminder to the borrower by SMS. If you already have sent a reminder the pop up will display when the last reminder was sent.


5. Click on "Send reminder".

Note: All referred borrowers on the deal will receive the reminder

Below is an example of the email that will be sent to your borrower. You will be cc:d and receive a copy.

Below is an example of the SMS text:

6. The activity feed in your deal overview will also have a record of what was sent.

Should you have any questions please click on the chat bubble or send an email to

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