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[May 16, 2024] “Borrower not reachable” in the Prospr referral status? Take action ➡️
[May 16, 2024] “Borrower not reachable” in the Prospr referral status? Take action ➡️
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➡️ Prospr referrals: Send reminders to “Borrower not reachable”

Our team released a new feature that allows you to send a reminder to your clients to connect with Prospr. Now, if you see “Borrower not reachable” in the Prospr referral status column (Deals table), you'll have the ability to "Send Reminder". This will give you the option to send an email and SMS to your clients with all the info they need to connect with Prospr. ​Visit this help article to learn more →

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🔔 Document upload notification

We made an update to help you stay on top of managing time-sensitive deals. Instead of waiting 24 hours, now Finmo will alert you every two hours if a client continues to upload additional documents.

📝 Deal note and application ID integration

When syncing deal notes from Finmo to your CRM or other systems via Zapier or Resthooks, each note will now be linked to its specific 'Application ID' [lendeskApplicationId]. This association ensures accurate alignment between notes and deals. Be sure to connect your Finmo notes to your external systems for improved workflow integration and efficiency.

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