How does Finmo connect to my CRM?

Finmo allows you to integrate with almost any CRM! Additionally you can connect Finmo to most popular apps.

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Finmo allows you to integrate with almost any CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software!

How does it work?

Finmo uses Zapier to integrate with over 3,000 common applications on the internet. We've built "triggers" into Finmo, and when they're activated, they send data to another application of your choice.

How can I use this for my business?

Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day like Finmo and a CRM to automate tasks and save time. You can connect any of their supported apps to make automation (zaps). So for example, if you currently use something like Pipedrive as your deal management system or Salesforce as your full CRM, we can help show you how to build zaps that automate different parts of your business. This will help you manage leads, emails, marketing campaigns, or anything in your workflow. That integration, together with Finmo's time-saving features makes it a powerful combination.

I'm in. How do I get started?

Our integration specialist will work with you to help you connect your existing applications, or even set you up into any new CRM you choose*. Mortgage professionals can choose to work with our partner to set up, manage, and support your Zapier integration should you decide you need more support. They can also set up your CRM of choice* and ensure your workflow isn't interrupted when updates, changes or fixes are required. 

*provided the platform is supported by Zapier

Don’t have a deal management system or CRM?

Finmo has curated the best deal management system for the Canadian mortgage industry.  This was developed based on feedback from some of Canada’s top mortgage professionals.  If you don't currently have or are unhappy with your current deal management system or CRM, ask us to connect you with our expert partners! They can help manage everything from the time a lead enters your world until your client moves into their house and after. 

Get started!

For more information on connecting your crm check out our video series here:

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