How to use Smart Document suggestions

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How to use Smart Documents

Smart Documents will suggest documents for you to request based on the borrower's application.  

As you or your borrower add information into the Application, Smart Documents will make suggestions. You can choose to accept those suggestions by clicking "Create request" or simply ignore it if you'd like to request documents manually.

You can also select "Clear all" if you don't want to see the suggestions for that deal.

Quick steps to use Smart Documents:

  1.  Click into the deal you'd like to request documents for.

  2.  Select "Documents" on the left menu.

  3.  You can accept or clear the suggestions Smart Documents makes. To accept simply click on the "Create Request" button. If there are multiple suggestions and you only wish to request certain documents, you can uncheck the ones you don't want to request.

    Note: If you don't see any suggestions, it's because no rules have been triggered from the application.

  4. After you've created the document requests don't forget to click on "Update Borrower "(or invite them if you haven't done so). Type your borrowers a short message and send it via SMS and email.

    Click below or on the chat bubble should you need any assistance. :)

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