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How to request documents from your borrower(s)
How to request documents from your borrower(s)

Finmo can request borrowers upload documentation either manually or automatically.

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Once you have invited all the borrowers to a deal in Finmo, you can start requesting documents from all of them.

This can be done automatically by simply setting your Smart Docs rules to ask every borrower for certain documents based on the step in the application process they are in. To learn how to customize your Smart Docs rules click here.  

If you prefer to request documents yourself rather than automatically, or if you need a specific document from a borrower that isn't part of your regular Smart Docs rules, you can do that too!

How to manually request documents from specific or multiple borrowers

  1. Go into the Document Tab of the deal.

  2. Click on "New request"

  3. Choose from the list of documents which documents you would like to request. If you don't see the one you'd like to request, you can create a custom document.

  4. You can set a due date and/or reminders

  5. Click 'Update Borrower(s)' and select which borrower(s) to receive the message

  6. Click 'Send Update'

What does the borrower(s) see when a document has been requested?

They can log in using the email or text message.

Once they login, they can click Go to Documents and upload the requested/outstanding documents

You will notice that if more than one borrower has been invited to the deal, the document requests are segmented under each borrower's name.   A borrower simply has to click on their name to view which docs have been requested and start uploading.

What you, the mortgage professional sees when a borrower has uploaded documents.

Email notification

Documents are segmented into "Requested, "For your Review", "Needs Attention" and "Approved" for each borrower so you can easily pinpoint which borrower made need some prodding for documents.

For more information on reviewing documents please click here for a short article.  

Please click on the chat bubble or email should you have questions. We love talking to customers!

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