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FAQ's: Submitting directly to lenders

submit documents, adjust submission, change down payment

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Submitting directly to one of the almost 400 lenders available on Finmo is simple but this article will address some frequently asked questions to make your submission experience even better. Make sure you have completed you submission profile set-up before trying to submit to a lender.

Can I add more documents after I've submitted the deal to the lender?

Yes! Once the deal has been submitted to a lender you can still continue to collect and submit docs to a lender. Click the button to learn how. :)

How to adjust the down payment?

You can find the down payment amount in the "Goal" section of the application as well as in the "Mortgage" section.

Note: Make sure the down payment information you have entered in the "Goal" and "Mortgage" sections match.

How do I change the qualifying rate, compounding period and amortization?

Click "Calculator" at the top of the page and select either"Qualifying Details" or "Payment Details" to adjust. Then click on "Save".

Can I continue a submission or delete one I've already started?

At any time you can leave your draft submission before submitting and come back to it later as it is autosaved in the "Submit" section. You can also delete it if you'd like.

Can I alter or change a submission once I have sent it to the lender?

No, if you need to make a change to the submission you must start a new submission to the same lender.

Can I send a submission to more than one lender?

Yes, simply go to the "Submit" section and choose a new lender to start a new submission to.

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Should you have any questions please click on the chat bubble or send an email to support@finmo.da

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