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How to submit directly to a lender

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Using Finmo you can easily submit deals directly to lenders. Submitting directly will allow mortgage professionals to bypass pushing to Filogix/Expert and submit your deals directly to every available lender. We've enabled nearly 400 lenders for you to submit deals directly to within Finmo (in other words, there's no need to push deals to Expert first, then send them to the lender).

The list of lenders includes Scotia bank, TD, MCAP Prime, MCAP Eclipse, CMLS Financial, Manulife Bank of Canada and more. The full list can be found on the "Submit" tab for any deal.

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How to Submit a deal to a lender

1. Click on the deal that you want to submit.

2. Ensure that the deal is in your control as any changes made by the borrower won't be reflected on your lender submission.

3. Review and complete anything in the application that the lender will require, including the "Subject Property" section.

TIP: Make sure you pull credit before you submit your deal.

4. Next click the Submit tab (top right). Scroll down to the "Where do you want to submit" section and click the "lenders" list to get a drop-down menu of the available lenders or you can select from your favourite lenders.

5. Select the lender you wish to submit to and click on "Choose lender"

This will open up the "Submit" page. A draft of your lender submission will open and you will see the GDS/TDS information and Mortgage request details displayed on this page.

Note: Downpayment info and "GDS/TDS can be edited in the Submission form itself or by clicking on "Calculator" at the top of the page.

Go through and clear up any validation issues that may have been flagged and enter the mortgage information and additional details in the submission. To learn more about validation click below.

How to enter mortgage information

Can I submit docs to a lender from Finmo?

At this time you are able to submit documents directly to one lender on Finmo, Strive Capital. Click the button below to find out how to do that.

Adding a "Submission agent" and the "Agent on the deal"

If the agent on the deal needs to be someone else on your team, click here to see how to add that team member to the deal.

It is mandatory to add the "Agent on the deal" information in the application itself. Click on "Overview" on the left menu when in the deal and then "Edit" on the "Deal details" to add that info. This can be changed when you are ready to submit to any team member on your Finmo team in the actual submission if needed.

How to enter Submission Notes

Smart Submission Notes

Smart submission notes reimagines the way you package notes for your lender. We took feedback from leading underwriters and brokers to create the most effective template for lender submission notes. When you generate smart submission notes, it will populate all of the relevant application data into the submission notes with one click. Once these notes are generated, you have the ability to go in and edit them as you wish.

Click below to find out more

Review and edit your submission notes and then scroll down to "Submit" and click on "Submit to lender". If you receive an error message, go back and make the recommended adjustments and submit again.

Once submitted you will see that submission noted on your deal portal as well as on the submission page.

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