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Copying a Deal - bring information from a previous client's application into a new one.
Copying a Deal - bring information from a previous client's application into a new one.

Instead of having to re-enter an existing borrower's details into a new deal, you can copy over from their existing deal

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The Copy button in the "Overview" section of the deal will save you time when you have a borrower with an existing application in Finmo who is looking to purchase again, renew or refinance. Simply select which information from their previous application you would like to copy into their new application.

How to copy a deal

  • Open the borrower's latest existing deal in Finmo.

  • Select "Overview" from the left menu

  • Click on "Copy deal"

  • Select which details you want to carry over. *Note: 'Account & personal details' are greyed out because they will always copy over into a new deal

  • Select a new goal.

  • Choose if you would like to archive the existing deal; then

  • click on "Create copied deal"

After you have copied the deal, you can invite the borrower using the 'Update Borrower' link at that top of the screen to review and complete the new application as well as upload documents. You will also need to grant access back to the borrower.

How does the borrower switch between the different applications?

A copied deal uses the same email addresses for borrowers to log in. Borrowers can easily switch between applications

Credit Consent on the copied deal

If you have Credit Consent PDF enabled in your Finmo account, you will also receive an updated credit consent agreement when the borrower submits their new application. Alternatively, you can use E-Signing to upload a consent agreement for the borrower to sign too.

Documents on the copied deal

If you have Documents enabled in your Finmo account, please note that documents do not carry over from the previous application. You will need to select which documents you need the borrower to upload or upload the existing documents from the original deal that are still vald.

Should you have any questions or concerns please click the chat button in Finmo or email

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