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How to speed up your workday by using the Dashboard
How to speed up your workday by using the Dashboard

Simply perform the actions on the dashboard, and be finished your workday in under 20 minutes

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You may have noticed items appearing on your "dashboard" when you first log into Finmo. The dashboard only contains "actionable" items, and it only displays them to team members who are on the deal.

For example, the dashboard will show when the borrower submitted the application back, uploaded documents or e-signed documents because that's something you can take "action" on. It will also display Important dates such as if you have set a document due date, Closing Date or Condition of Financing date.

You can click on these line items and they will take you directly to that area of the deal.

Once you have completed that task, go back to your Dashboard, click the close icon (x) and work on the next item.

Should you have questions, please click the chat bubble in-app or email

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