Some Lenders require your Expert Profile Number (ID) to be able to connect you to your brokerage & team. You can enter this number into "Your account" in Finmo.

In order to prevent any down time, Finmo has access to multiple channels with both our direct and indirect submissions to lenders. For this reason, we require your Expert username and profile ID.

A user profile is created for each user in Expert. The profile number is your distinct account identifier in Expert. This is usually determined by the firm, broker or administrator, and consists of the following settings.

  • User Information - name, phone, address, etc.

  • User Type - the user's title (broker, agent, associate, regional manager, administrator, or assistant), which in turn dictates their level of responsibility. Each user type is associated with a corresponding set of user rights that determine what functionality can be performed in Expert based on their level of responsibility.

  • User Rights - is a set of options that determine what functionality can be performed in Expert, such as pull credit bureaus, submit to lender, etc. Each set of user right is associated with its corresponding user type. However, the individual options within the set of user rights can be changed to meet a specific user's needs. For example, typically a user type of Assistant cannot pull a credit bureau on a deal, but this can be changed if needed.

  • Deal Access Rights - what deals the user can access.

  • User Association and Options - associate one user with another user so that both users are automatically on each deal. Select Life Insurance provider, select third party services, etc.

Where do I find my Expert Profile number?

When logged into Filogix, you will see it under your "User" information.

How do I enter my Expert Profile Number in Finmo?

  1. Click on your initials or profile picture on the bottom left corner when logged into Finmo.

  2. Select "Your account"

  3. Scroll down to "Expert profile number" and enter the number there.

  4. Then click "Save changes".

I've changed brokerages, does my Expert Profile Number change?

Yes, if you change brokerages your Expert Profile Number will change and you will be assigned a new one. Follow the steps above to find your new profile number and re-enter it in Finmo.

Should you have any questions please click the chat bubble in Finmo or send an email to

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