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How to find and enter your Expert Profile Number (ID)
How to find and enter your Expert Profile Number (ID)

Expert ID, profile number Filogix ID, Broker/Agent licence number

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Many lenders require your Expert Profile Number (ID) to connect you to your brokerage and team within Finmo in order to submit to them. This article guides you through the process of finding and entering your Expert Profile Number to ensure seamless connectivity.

Why does Finmo require an Expert Profile number?

A user profile is created for each user in Expert/Filogix. This profile number is your distinct account identifier. Many lenders use this profile ID to identify you when you submit an application to them. Because this is a common identifier we ask for the profile number when setting up your account in order to make your submission experience quicker and more seemless. If you do not use Expert and don't have an Expert profile number click on the chat bubble and we will create a unique ID for you which we will register with lenders.

How do I find my Expert Profile number?

When logged into Filogix, you will see it under your "User" information on the home page.

Where do I enter my Expert Profile Number in Finmo?

  1. Click on your initials or profile picture on the bottom left corner when logged into Finmo.

  2. Select "Your account"

  3. Choose "Submission profile" on the left menu

  4. Scroll down to "Expert profile number" and enter the number there.

  5. Then click "Save changes".

💡Tip: If you are in a province that requires a Broker/Agent licence number to be displayed you can add that information in this section as well.


I've changed brokerages, does my Expert Profile Number change?

Yes, if you change brokerages your Expert Profile Number will change and you will be assigned a new one. Follow the steps above to find your new profile number and re-enter it in Finmo.

Should you have any questions please click the chat bubble in Finmo or send an email to

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