In order to submit directly to a lender, submission agents must be entered into Finmo. This information will need to be added by your "team administrator".

How to add submission agent(s) - team admins only

  1. Click the "gear icon"

  2. Then select "Submission profile' and choose 'Submission agents'

  3. Click on "Add submission agent" a pop up will open, allowing you to enter their information

4. Fill in the required fields and click on "Add new submission agent" to save.

5. You will now see that agent in the list

6. Continue adding your agents to complete your list. These will appear as drop down options when your team goes to submit to a lender that they can choose from.

Please note, the "Broker/Agent license number" although not required, cannot be blank. Please put in N/A if you don't know it.

TIP: You will need to know the their "Expert Profile number" as it is required. Here's how to get that information from your submission agent.

How to edit or remove a "Submission agent"

  1. Click the "gear icon"

  2. Then select "Submission profile' and choose 'Submission agents'

  3. Scroll down to the list of "Submission agents". You can search the list or list it alphabetically

4. Click on "Edit" to open the agent you want to edit or remove

5. Make any changes to the fields you wish

6. Save changes

7. Or if you wish to remove the Submission agent, you can click on Remove submission agent.

Should you have any questions, please click on the chat bubble or email

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