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[June 27, 2024] 🔵 Deal classification, reporting features, language preferences... and MORE!
[June 27, 2024] 🔵 Deal classification, reporting features, language preferences... and MORE!
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➡️ Classify deals today for better reporting tomorrow

A new field has been added to the "Mortgage Details" section to help you identify the types of deals you've been working on. Click the new mortgage classification field and select all the options that apply from Privately funded, Residential, Commercial, and more… Learn how to classify your deals →

In the Funded deals report, team admins can filter and view deals by their classification. This will be extra helpful when completing required regulatory reporting – Ontario brokers, we are looking at you 👀

📊 Did I hear more reporting features?

We added a new APR column to the Funded deals section for a more complete view of your mortgage business. Team admins can now filter deals by APR values – as displayed on the “Cost of credit details” section in the Compliance page – and simplify deals reporting. Learn more on what you can report on →

🥐 Parlez-vous Français?

Set your client’s language preference and provide a personalized experience from the get-go. Choose from English, French or System default when you are adding a borrower to a new deal, or updating language preference on an existing deal.

If you set their preference to French, all the initial communication for invitation (email and SMS) will be sent in French. If you set it to System default, it will match the language set by the borrower in their computer. Learn how to set borrower's language preference.

⚙️ Enhancements and bug fixes

  • The Payments details calculator now shows new details such as total payments, total interest over term, total principal over term, and balance remaining at maturity.

  • The “ON Form 2 - Investor/Lender Disclosure Statement For Brokered Mortgages on Renewal” is now available and can be generated for your deals.

  • We updated the “Total of prior encumbrances” field in the "Form 9 Disclosure Statement" to only display the sum of outstanding loan amounts pertaining to the subject property.

  • We fixed a bug that was displaying the incorrect LTC percentage in the SK Disclosure to borrower form.

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