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How to view and obtain a report of your team's funded deals (team admins only)
How to view and obtain a report of your team's funded deals (team admins only)

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Any deals with a "Funded" status will show in the Funded deals report, even if they were submitted outside of Finmo. Make sure you and your team are marking deals as "Funded" to ensure that they are included.

Note: you must be an administrator in Finmo in order to access this feature

How to access the "Funded deals" report

1. Click the reporting icon on the left menu

2. Select "Funded deals"

3. Choose the year you would like from the drop down menu.

Note: Deals shown in the report have a Funding date within the selected year. You can edit the deal's Funding date in the Compliance page.

4. Click the "View Report" button.

Note: it may take a minute or so for the report to generate

5. Once it generates the data will populate in the "Funded deals" section. At the top of the report you will see the total amount of funded deals as well as the total funded volume.

6. You have the option to filter the report, download the report or choose another year.

What datapoints are included in the report?

Column Name



Application ID

ID code

The application ID.



Purchase +



The goal of the mortgage as established in the goal section of the application.


Lender Name

Lender that funded the deal. This value comes from the submission that was funded, if the deal was submitted outside of Finmo the Lender can be entered in the compliance page.

Mortgage amount


The mortgage amount that was funded.

Created date

Date value

The date this deal was created in the system.

Closing date

Date value

Closing date as set in the Goal section of the application.

Funding date

Date value

Date the deal was funded. This will be defaulted to the closing date but can be set when marking a deal as funded or in the compliance page.

Mortgage type




Line of Credit - Secured Line of Credit - Unsecured

Personal Loan

The mortgage type as set on the mortgage details section of the application.

Loan type


Secure LOC

Loan type will be marked as a secure LOC if the mortgage type entered in the mortgage details section of the application is one of the following: "Line of credit - secured", "Line of credit - unsecured" or "Personal loan" otherwise it will be set to mortgage.


Province Codes

The province of the Subject Property.

Credit Score

Number value

Credit score of the main applicant.


Percentage value

Gross Debt Service ratio.


Percentage value

Total Debt Service ratio.


Percentage value

Loan to Value ratio.




If a value has been entered in the “insurance premium amount” field in the mortgage details insurance will be set to "Yes".


Percentage value

Annual percentage rate as calculated on the “Cost of credit details” section in the compliance page.

First time homebuyer



Main applicant is a first time homebuyer (As specified in the Personal details section of the application).


Number value

Number of borrowers on the deal.

Borrower ages

Multiple number values

The ages of all the borrowers on the deal separated by commas.

# of Self- Employed

Number value

The number of borrowers who’s current employment is set to “Self-employed” (as specified in the “income source” field of the application).

# of Variable income

Number value

The number of borrowers in the deal that have at least one current income that qualifies as variable income.

What qualifies as variable income?

Self employed or being Employed with a payment type of “Hourly (Non-guaranteed)”, “Commissions only”, or “Bonus/Overtime/Commissions”.

Mortgage Classification

Privately funded





Bridge loan

Qualified syndicated

Non-qualified syndicated

Equity based lending

Sub prime

Includes all the classifications that were selected for this deal.

These classifications can be entered in the "Mortgage Details" section of the Compliance page.

Referral source

Referral source name

The name of the referral source associated with this deal, from “Your sources” as set in the Lead generation page.

Referral source type



Social media

Ad campaign



Financial Planner


The type of the referral source associated with this deal, from “Your sources” as set in the Lead generation page.


Text value

The name of the main agent on the deal.

Submitted in Finmo



Deals that have been submitted through Finmo

How to Filter the funded report

You can also filter the report should you wish by clicking the headings at the top and selecting what you would like to filter on.

How to download the funded report

1. To download the report, simply click on the "Download report" button.

A CSV report will be generated that you can download.

Note: It may take a minute or so for the report to generate

Sample CSV of Funded Report

2. The CSV report can then put into a spreadsheet for your own reporting purposes.

Additional Resources

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