1. Visit your Team Settings (gear icon)

  2. Click Smart docs

  3. Scroll to find the rule you want to edit. The left side has "triggers" that are generated from the questions in the borrowers application.  The right side has the document that's suggested from the trigger.

  4. Click the "Which document(s)" box to add a document from the drop-down, or click the "x" on a document you don't want collected. 

How to "turn off" all Smart Document suggestions

  1. Click into your Deal Settings

  2. Choose Smart Docs on the top-right menu.  

  3. Click "clear rule" for all the rules on the page. If all the rules are empty, you will not see any suggestions when collecting documents

I don't see the document I need to collect when customizing Smart Document Rules, how do I add one? 

Get more information on how to create custom documents.

Please chat with us if you have additional questions or need assistance setting up the Smart Document rules. 

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