Finmo allows you to import your past deals from Expert/Filogix by CSV file. This means any past deals you had in Expert will now be moved into Finmo and easily accessible. Follow the steps below to take advantage of this time saving feature. Imported applications are clearly marked from "import", to ensure the source is clear and to not cause confusion with other inbound applications. The first step is downloading your deals in Filogix. The rest is simple :)

How to download your deals into a CSV file from Filogix

How to upload a CSV file from Filogix into Finmo

First click on your picture or initials on the bottom left of the screen and select "Your account"

Select "Deal import" from the menu.

3. Click on "Import deals"

4. A pop up will open asking you to select the CSV file you wish to import. You can drag and drop the file or click on "Choose file" and select the file from a folder to upload and click on "Continue with Import".

If you choose, you can check off the box to have the deals imported and put into "Archived" deals instead of your deal dashboard.

IMPORTANT: Do not modify the CSV file. It must be uploaded exactly as you exported it from Expert.

Your file will now import into Finmo. If it's a large file it may take some time to import. You will receive a notification from Finmo when it's ready

NOTE: If you are an "Organization Admin" on Finmo Control Centre, you will have to choose which team you wish to import the file to.

How to locate or find imported deals on Finmo

On your deal dashboard, you can filter on "Imported" deals to locate them. If you've archived them, filter on both "Archived deals" and "Imported deals".

Your deals will then display. Should a file become active you can simply unarchive it to move it into your deal dashboard, or start a new deal using an "existing user" on Finmo.


Can I import deals from other platforms like Velocity or Doorr?

A: No, this solution is ultimately (exclusively) available using the bulk import via the downloadable CSV from Expert only.

Can I export my data in Finmo into a CSV format?

No, this tool is only an importer. If you're looking to connect Finmo to another CRM, checkout our Zapier integration or webhooks .

For more information on how to use webhooks please click on the chat button .

How do I submit an imported deal?

The best practice for imported deals is to copy them before working on repeat business. Imported deals will not be allowed to be submitted, so copy the deal and use that new deal to submit.

The CSV file I have is not uploading. How do I download from Filogix?

Make sure the CSV was directly exported from Filogix. If you are still unable to import the CSV, then contact CS to report an issue by clicking on the chat bubble

Should you have any questions please click on the chat button or email

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