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Control Centre -access, videos and training
Control Centre -access, videos and training

org admin, set up, video

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Once you have been provided permission by our Customer Success team your company/brokerage will have the ability to view the Control Centre. The Control Centre is your are where you can add company administrators, mortgage underwriters for your firm, payroll administrators along with many variations of access.

If you do not see the 'Globe' with your Finmo account and wish to discuss getting Control Centre access please contact

Part 1 - The Control Centre, Organization Admin, set up, Equifax, payroll, submission agents and integrations

Part 2 - Inviting organization members and setting up controls

If your company has underwriters, administrators requiring special access, a payroll administrator or a combination of any of the above roles, watch this video to see how your company/brokerage can be set up to accommodate different levels of access.

Part 3 - What Org members see and how to access deals

Should you have any questions please click on the chat bubble.

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