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Submission status: How to change and definitions
How to merge applications
How borrowers can hide information on the application from other borrowers
How to Create Draft Submissions & Scenarios
How does Finmo get borrower consent for credit checks?
How to manually send consent for e-signing
How to do rental income adjustments/offsets for subject and non subject properties
How does Finmo obtain individual signed consent for credit checks? (beta)
How to do mortgage scenarios in Finmo
Find products for deals on Finmo using Lender Spotlight
How to speed up your workday by using the Dashboard
3 different ways to do a deal and collect an application.
How to invite an existing borrower to a deal
Copying a Deal - bring information from a previous client's application into a new one.
How to invite multiple borrowers to a deal
How to edit a borrower's application
How to grant and revoke application access to a borrower (application locking)
How to send a borrower deal updates via SMS/text messaging
How to delete a borrower from an application
How to change the Primary (main) borrower
How to re-invite a borrower to a deal
How to hide or unhide a borrower from a deal
How to enter non-Canadian / non-American addresses into an application.
How to add or remove a team member from a deal
A how-to guide on Deal Overview
How to add subject property to an application
How to automatically assign a team member to new deals and turn on deal notifications
How to create internal notes within a deal
How to search for deals
How to archive old or stale deals and how to unarchive deals.
How to sort and filter deals in the deal view (and change column visibility)
How to print an application
Is Finmo available in French?