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What is the difference between a digital signature and an e-signature?An electronic signature is, like its paper equivalent, a legal concept. It captures a person’s intent to be legally bound to an agreement.
Are Electronic Signatures legally binding?Yes, electronic signatures are legally binding and enforceable in countries that have enacted e-signature laws.
Which document formats can I send for e-signatures?The following document formats: PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, RTF, TXT are supported.
Can I request e-signing on multiple documents at once?You can add a signature field for each borrower on each document you want them to sign.
Is there a document size limit for e-signing?For e-signing, the maximum size for each document is 10MB.
How do I download a copy of the e-signed documents?On the e-signing request screen, there is a button that says "Download documents". There is also a download icon beside each document.
How will I know when the recipient has e-signed the documents?You will receive a notification in your e-mail when a e-signature request has been signed. Also the status is shown in deals table.
How do I choose the file I want to upload for e-signing?There is a plus icon in the OneSpan e-signing window next to word "documents". Click it to upload e-signing documents.
Can I print a copy of the e-signed documents?After downloading, you can print a copy of e-signature documents on your own computer.
My client is trying to access their document for e-signing but it won’t let them open the document.The document may be corrupt, or be an unacceptable format. If they are experiencing a blank white screen it may be a technical issue.
I have sent the e-signature request to one borrower, but I need to add another one. How do I do that?There is only one "master" e-signing request. Add an e-mail for the second borrower in the application and then add their signature fields.
I need initials or check-boxes on my document for e-signing. How do I do that?Text fields, initials, and check boxes can all easily be added to e-signature requests.
What is the difference between “capture signature” and “click to sign” in the e-signature document?"Capture signature" requires the borrower to physically draw their signature on their device, where "click to sign" is a simple time stamp.
How do I remove a borrower's signature from an e-signature document?You can remove borrower's signatures from e-signing documents by simply deleting their signature field.
Where and how does my borrower get notified when they have e-signature requests?Borrowers are notified of e-signing requests via e-mail.
Where do I mark an e-signed document approved?E-sign documents do not need to be set as approved, as they are either pending signatures or have been signed (which we call "completed").
What does “Accept only” mean and when would I select that?Accept only is for when you want a digital record that a borrower has seen a document, but no signature on the actual document is required.
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