Log into Finmo and mouse over your initials/profile picture on the bottom left of the screen.  This will reveal your settings options.

Navigate to the menu, and click "Your account".

Upload a Profile Picture and Setup

Here you can upload a picture for your Finmo profile as well as your contact information and Expert login.  Simply click on “Upload a picture”.  A window will open allowing you to select which photo you’d like to upload.  

*We recommend a picture that is square with your face centered in the picture.

Enter your account information (Phone number, Title, Expert Username/Login ID)  in the spaces provided.  Make sure to save your changes!

Now when you login to Finmo you will see your profile picture on the bottom left of the screen.  Clicking on this picture will open up a menu to access your profile to make changes in the future and allows you to sign out of Finmo.

Finmo automatically gives you your own application links that you can send directly to customers to take them straight into the application process. 

When the borrower signs up through the Team application link will assign deals to those who are set-up in the Deal Settings-> Deal Assignment section. To learn more about these settings, please click here.

To find your links or access your personal information, click on your profile picture or initials on the bottom left hand side of the portal. A menu will appear, select "Your account".

Scroll down the page until you find Settings for your Team. Click on the stack of papers icon to copy the link.

When a borrower signs up through your personal application link, the deal is automatically assigned to you. You can also customize or shorten this link as well.

You can also add it to your emails or website to make it even easier for your borrowers to get going on their Application.

On the bottom left of the screen, hover over your profile picture, or initials and a menu will pop open. Select "Copy personal app link" or "Copy team app link" and it will be autosaved to your clipboard so you can insert it in an email or text

You can copy and send this link to your borrower, paste it into a social media post or embed it onto your website where customers go to apply for a mortgage. 

Anytime you need help, click the chat icon on your screen or send us an email

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