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How to edit a borrower's application
How to edit a borrower's application

How to add details on a borrower's application, manage relationships, add a second borrower, invite borrowers, and request/upload documents.

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Creating a new deal in Finmo is super easy so we recommend you invite a borrower to fill out an application on their own.  However, if you prefer, you can start the application from inside Finmo, fill out some details over the phone, then invite the borrower to finish the rest.  Or you can fill out the entire application for the borrower and never invite them to the portal. 

Editing an Application for a borrower

Click on the deal you wish to start an application for.  This will take you straight into the Application.   Scroll down to the various sections of the application you'd like to complete.   Click on the "Add or "Edit Details" in that section to fill in the information.   

Continue to follow the step by step instructions.  Then click "Save changes".  The info you filled in will now be visible in the application for you and the borrower(s).

Now you can also add income, assets, and property information the same way.  

If you need to add another borrower, scroll down and click on click on "+ Add an addition Borrower"

Managing relationships in an Application

In order for Expert to recognize that the second borrower is an Applicant pair, you must specify the relationship in the Application.  The borrower should be marked as a Spouse, Common law or Related Family Member. If they’re not related, then they should be marked "Other", which is what Expert recommends.  

After adding another borrower, scroll down to their Personal Details section and add the relationship.  

Inviting the Borrower to complete an Application

If at any time you want to invite a borrower to contribute to the application, just click on the "Invite" button.  when you first create the deal

Or when you are in the application

Reinvite your Borrower(s)

You can resend the invite or copy the link and send it that way, should the client request it.

Requesting/Uploading Documents

If you want the borrower to upload documents you have a few options. If you have Smart Documents Activated and you have invited the borrower, you can allow the customized Smart Documents rules to do the work for you by listing which documents your borrower(s) should upload based on the answers on the application.

You can also request documents from your borrowers or upload any documents you already have.  To learn more about how to request documents read the "Requesting documents" article.  For more details on how to upload documents read the "How to Upload a Document" article.  

If for any reason you require help, click the chat icon on your screen or send us an email

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