Finmo allows you to structure your team(s) the way that works best for you and your business.

  • Single mortgage professional (one-person team)
  • One or two mortgage professionals with multiple assistants (multi-person team)

If you're a mortgage business owner or admin, please contact our support to get access to the Finmo Control Centre — the easiest way to manage all the teams and agents in your mortgage company that use Finmo.

You should create your own team on Finmo if you:

  • Are sure your team lead has not already created a Finmo account (if they have, have them invite you to it as a team member).


  1. Have your own team branding separate from your mortgage company's branding.
  2. Have an assistant(s) or underwriter(s) that need to be able to see deals you assign to them. 
  3. Need to be able to customize the documents that are suggested/requestedwhen borrowers fill out online applications.
  4. If you need to be listed as the Countersigner on all consent PDF agreements when the borrower(s) gives their consent on the application.
  5. Need to control the credit card your team's Finmo Pro account is billed to.

Please note billing is done at the "team" level, so one person is responsible for the subscription cost of all users in a team.

Whichever choice you make, if you have questions or require help getting started, click on the chat bubble or email us at

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