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How-to's and Tutorials
How-to's and Tutorials

How to do anything in Finmo!

Samples to use to generate AI created applications

How to merge applicationsadd borrower from existing deal, merge
How borrowers can hide information on the application from other borrowersborrowers information separate, hide borrowers
How to change the status of a deal and definitionsstatus change, cancel, funded, approved
How to Create Draft Submissions & Scenariosmortgage scenarios, compare
How to manually send consent for e-signingapplication by phone, compliance, consent
How does Finmo obtain individual signed consent for credit checks?credit consent, bureau, credit pull,
How to do rental income adjustments/offsets for subject and non subject propertiesrental, income, adjustment, rental offset
How to do mortgage scenarios in Finmoscenarios, mortage details, gds/tds
Pre-approvalspre-approvals, video,
GDS/TDS Faq'sGDS/TDS calculations and settings, occupancy issue in Filogix, editing rates, amortization period, LTV, rental offsets
Find products for deals on Finmo using Lender SpotlightHow to find products on Spotlight, switch between Finmo and Spotlight
How to speed up your workday by using the DashboardSimply perform the actions on the dashboard, and be finished your workday in under 20 minutes
How to start a deal and collect an applicationdeals, personal link, team link,
How to invite an existing borrower to a deal
Copying a Deal - bring information from a previous client's application into a new one.Instead of having to re-enter an existing borrower's details into a new deal, you can copy over from their existing deal
How to invite multiple borrowers to a dealMost deals have more than one applicant so Finmo allows mortgage professionals to invite multiple borrowers to a deal.
How to edit a borrower's applicationHow to add details on a borrower's application, manage relationships, add a second borrower, invite borrowers, and request/upload documents.
How to grant and revoke application access to a borrower (application locking)Application locking and unlocking
How to send a borrower deal or document updates via SMS/text messaging or emailSending SMS (text) messages to your borrowers can dramatically increase conversions.
How to delete a borrower from an applicationdelete borrower, remove,
How to change the Primary (main) borrowerSwitch a primary or main borrower to a co-borrower on an application
How to re-invite a borrower to a dealIf a borrower's invite can't be found (and isn't in their junk mail), you can re-invite them to a deal. Invitations expire after seven days.
How to hide or unhide a borrower from a dealhide borrower, unhide borrower
How to add or remove a team member from a dealAdding or removing members, no assigned borrower, notifying team of a new deal, adding an agent on the deal
A how-to guide on Deal OverviewStay up to date with all the developments on your deal.
How to add subject property to an applicationFinmo allows you to add details on the subject property for deals which will be pushed through to Expert or send to a Lender in Finmo.
How to automatically assign a team member to new deals and turn on deal notificationsAutomatically assign new deals to a specific team member or multiple team members and turn on email notifications going to your team email
How to create internal notes within a dealKeep notes on a deal to keep a more complete "story" in Finmo for reference later.
How to search for dealsFinmo has powerful deal searching and filtering options.
How to archive old or stale deals and how to unarchive deals.unarchiving, archiving, filter
How to sort and filter deals in the deal view (and change column visibility)You can sort and filter deals to make them easier to find. You can even filter for deals assigned to specific team members!
How to print an applicationAt the top of an application, click the button that says "Download or print for compliance".
Is Finmo available in French?french application, french document requests
GDS/TDS colour codes: definitions and ranges

How to request CRA Tax document packages from snapNOA,snapnoa, cra, tax docs, billing, faq's
How to allow borrowers to pull bank statements from their own banking institutionsbank statements, client banking info, pull from bank, bank documents
How to request documents from your borrower(s)Finmo can request borrowers upload documentation either manually or automatically.
How to set a due date and automatic reminders for documentsYou can set a due date for document collection and automatically send out outstanding document reminders to borrowers.
How to review document uploads and mark them with the correct statusThis article shows you how to mark document requests as "approved", or "needs attention" for documents that are incorrect or illegible.
How to hide an uploaded document to stay organizedIf a borrower uploads an incorrect file, simply hide it. For compliance, Finmo cannot permanently delete files.
How to Delete, Hide or Archive Documents
How to convert documents to PDF and download them for the lenderLearn how to package documents into a PDF for lender delivery with just a click.
How to upload a borrower's documents manuallyIf you receive mortgage documentation in person, or through e-mail, you can upload it to a borrower's application for them.
How to only collect documents for a deal in Finmo (no application).Using Finmo only for document collection (you already have the application).
Smart Document rules- how to customize or disableEdit Smart Documents, turn off smart docs suggestions
How to use Smart Documents to request documents automaticallyupload documents, application portal, smart docs
How to use Smart Document suggestionsdocument suggestions, request docs, clear suggestions,
How to create, edit, duplicate or delete a custom document requestAdd custom request, document library
How to edit a document request title or descriptionIf you don't like the wording of our default documents, here's how to fix it.
Can borrower(s) complete an application and upload documents on behalf of another co-borrower?Borrower(s) can complete an application and upload documents on behalf of a co-borrower.
How to move documents between document requests or borrowers